Poem -



Lambent orbs in twilight stray,
Dew drops and gossamer glisten below,
Deer and fawn in blade of fields that lay,
Starlight sporadic through blackened billow.

Through thicket and thorn,
Past arachnid and bough,
Beyond larva and spawn,
Descendant below,
Beauteous rays of light guided by moon,
Seep through the cracks of canopy in noon.

Soft shimmer celeste caresses the leaves,
Mirrored in eyes nocturne bird of prey,
Perched and sat midst gentle of breeze,
Hunting for owlets till dawn of day.

Majestic and calm, still is the night,
Romance in dance and fawn in play,
With mother embrace lustre of light,
Sombre tone reaches out to day.


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Tony Taylor

Dear Poet Brother Simon,
As I read I found myself experiencing the quiet elegance of night and the many beauteous creations that nature has provided to help manifest the Majesty that "Moonlight" brings to night....... if we but listen and see with our minds eye!!...... But what the heck, we don't really need to do that when we can just pick up a poem and have Sir SIMON BROMLEY takes us there and beyond!!......ALL STARS & PINNED!!...... Excellent poem in every aspect my friend!!........ Lots of Love to you and yours!!......T xo 🐧✴❤✴👍✴🐧

Simon Bromley

Thank you for the honour Tony it's very much appreciated believe me in this strange time amongst poets.  Your praise always makes me smile.

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Simon...What very beautiful imagery you created of nature in moonlight...So well thought ...feels utterly romantic and soothing in every verse of chock full imagery of nature at work under the moonlight.  Awesome work. xo

Simon Bromley

Thank you so much cherie.  Yourself like Tony are very important to this site and your critic is always very well received! Thank you.