Poem -


{Into a deadly distraction}


Into a deadly distraction
Tell us, alas, of the grief that cannot be spoken
Had not your natural pulchritude
Been threatened, and left us upon our knees
With many a tear flowing quite confusedly
Tell us dear Mother Nature
For we must your lovely disorder align,
We must support the Natural Oracle,
Producing the miracle that begs 'ascend'
We must not sit by and mourn at oxygen's tomb
It lives within our symbiotic kinship
That, which contained in a loving cup, is neglected
Where the balance of our lives, inherently depends....

Somehow we've strayed from the ancient course
Our forests are dying, our children are crying
And what now must caring hearts intend
Can your most fundamental aspect
By our own hands be given a re-birth
And thusly enriched in mind and spirit
May we not manifest some sacred cause
Shed our own stupidity
Bringing forth your holy resurrection
Recalling the ancient evidence
Of humanity and Mother Nature's
Perfectly balanced cycles
Of interdependent loveliness
God given symbiosis
And the life-giving beauty
That is Mother Nature
We pray,
            We beg,
           Let us not away,
                                   Into a deadly distraction...

Tony Taylor
* Mother Nature will retaliate....... eventually......


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Cherie Leigh

Hey T.....As much as I love nature and appreciate God's beautiful world, it is so hard to see the slow death of our forests and the pollution that is harming our animals, and the oxygen levels down, and ozone levels up....all due to humanity's way of living.  There is no excuse to neglect our environment and think Mother Nature can fend on her own.  You really paint a pretty vivid picture of the condition and the impending doom.  It reads like a pre-elegy...lol.  Great composition!  Love n Hugs, C xo 

Tony Taylor

LOL!!... so cool of you to recognizing the 'pre-elegy' aspect of this.... and to even come with that term for it!! (smiles).......you're awfully groovy dear wife.......thanx for making me smile!!...... kisses......T xo.  : )

Greg Etsell

great poem Tony about nature
and the environment
I hope you go read my poem
called many moons ago
about the environment

Tony Taylor

Hey GREG!!... thank you my friend.... and of course I'll read your poem.... heading there right now....... smiles.......T xo. : )

Gerard McGowan

I often wonder about physics and chemistry, like what if trees just stopped producing oxygen, what if a simple strand of cells twisted in a different direction, would we too adapt, would our lungs begin to breath carbon dioxide, will we become creatures without purpose and light.

Your words as always make me consider a possibility beyond comprehension, I question everything as do you, we are torn from the same star Tony.

Take it easy, rest your mind as I do.

Tony Taylor

Amen to that GERARD!!...... we are torn from the same star.......I love that expression and as you well know I do a LOT of thinking, writing, researching, on subject matter that stretches the envelope of things....... thank you so much for recognizing that in me......I can only assume that is quite a comfort to recognize it in yourself..... after all knowing oneself is half the battle when it comes to understanding this reality and its potential!!..... stay groovy brother!!....... later.......T xo. : )

Jill Tait

Ahhh beautiful impressive Mother Nature Tony we must have been tuned into her together haha xxx

Icarus Flocke

This is a great social awareness piece that
everyone should not only read, but HEED.
While it may not happen in our lifetime, it's
eventually going to get to that point...man
slowly choking on the fumes of his own destruction
caused by not respecting the world as it
should be respected.

While many factors contribute to it,
I think each individual (if they would)
could make enough change if they
put in the time.

The small things often lead to big
results. Not only for The Planet. but
the Universe (or verses) as a whole.


Larry Ran

My Dear Tony,

What a powerful work of art you have created here, waking up mankind to the tears of Mother Nature.  You know that we are both on the same page with this subject, and your beautiful words have brought tears to my heart and Soul.  Is there time to save Her, or have we gone beyond the point of no return?  Good people from around the World, are trying with every ounce of their being, to reverse the travesties being perpetrated by unscrupulous money-mongers.  I love your last line "* Mother Nature will retaliate....... eventually......".  I end my comment with a Haiku.

Mankind's evil greed
Is raping Mother Nature
Beware Her fury

All my love,
Larry xxx