Poem -

Motherly appreciation day

I love today, Out of each of the years 52 Sundays, I love it as I can show my mum I do appreciate, Appreciate everything she has done for me, Since the 10th of June 1985, If she knew then what I’d have been like growing up, I’m sure she’d have asked to put me back inside..... You’re the world’s best mum, And a great nan too, That’s why we all appreciate, everything you do. November to March, Then April till when? Already for the future, I’ll start my appreciation. I don’t know where I’d be without you, That I truly know. As in the last 5 months you’ve been here, Where other mother’s would say no. I’m so lucky to have you, I hope my appreciation shows, Happy mothers day mother, My love for you, Everyday, Always it grows xx 

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