Poem -

Mr Sun has got his hat on 🌞

Mr Sun has got his hat on 🌞

Fill the paddling pool
Mr sun is scorchio
Forecast looks pretty good
Says the weatherman ‘Hey Ho’
Timings right for once ‘Yeeha’
Kids are on school holidays
I’ll sit myself out on the grass
whilst I supervise & laze

The midday sun is sizzling now
with the temperature set to rise
I’ve plastered suncream on all the girls
They’ve shades upon their eyes

I’ll prepare a picnic for lunch & tea
So none of us will starve
I buttered some bread & boiled some ham
It’s waiting on me to carve

There’s nothing more appealing than a Summer garden tea
As long as Mr sun has got his hat on
then that’s exactly where I’ll be