Poem -

Music feeds the soul

Music feeds the soul

My real will make your real look like a rental
This line in a song is driving me mental

The reflection inside of me is not the same as my society
I'm in a shadow of the who that I could be

If only I had the courage to speak all the words outside of me
Then I'd no longer cage this raw emotion internally

For I have no problem saying all of my defeats
The times I've not met my own beliefs

I'm part of the negativity and the positivity
Living a life most dream, yet unappreciative

Every reason to smile knowing I got a head start
So when will I learn to see all things I've had from birth

Maybe by doing more than just writing these lines down
Come out from the shadows and let this lion raw

We need to stop doing all the crap we do to each other and of course, ourselves!

If your real is as real as mine feels
Thank you for the struggling
May we change for new beginnings 
To end this internal suffering

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Tony Taylor

Very cool lyric line BROTHERSLIM!!.....the positive energy of the flow.....the excellent rhythm and timing...... the rap line apparent in its delivery..... the beauty glowing in its intent...... I'd say you've conveyed to us all.....a most excellent début piece here dear poet brother!!.....ALL STARS!!...... well done....... and..... WELCOME to COSMO!!..... LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 👏👏✴👍👍✴❤❤😊


Such a wonderful positive comment to wake up with, thank you my friend. 


A great debut piece of work...look forward to reading more