Poem -

Music is alive

Music is alive...
Love and it’s lies..
Can be cruel can be right.
Longer the day,
better the night.

Take life by the drop.
Live brave by the clock.
Give it all ...you got.

Simple thoughts.
Simple feelings....
Can surprise us all,
The way we talk.

Music is surreal.. 
Tell you how to feel..
And I know I’m not wrong
Just singing my song,
just singing..

Just sing it.

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Phar Awaye

Definitely love the flow of this , music is such a force . Great write brother 

Edward Williams


This write is about the effect drugs have on a writer some positive effects  but more over negetive..
I couldent find a video that would work here 
but I strongly recommend check out the song “ life by the drop “ Stevie ray Vaughan I think this is a perfect example of what I’m saying