Poem -

My Alter Ego

My Alter Ego

He is so nice, impeccable, everything I'm not,
I ask him for advice, solace, but he forgot
to tell me, that's why I carried on regardless,
didn't know the answer, so I just had to guess.

He didn't tell me how to make love, caress, adore,
cherish something special that I'd never had before,
I did my best but it just wasn't good enough,
but without insight, I could only huff and puff.

Then one day we met, and gave me a wry smile,
he knew my fears, phobias, all of this while,
said: 'I'm guiding you, because you can't be like me,
however, I will love you as others did distantly.'

'Take that love, absorb and we shall be as one,
such a formidable team when all is said and done. 

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