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My Beautiful Undoing

Lessons Of Heartbreak

My Beautiful Undoing

Brothers and sisters pay heed for the recounting of events I am about to give you henceforth are by no means meant to serve as side dish to a sunny day.Ā 

Indeed it was dark, raining of course, shadows looming overhead
And by this time while in my study in the ether of my dread
While in the midst of all my madness I had somehow woke the dead
Perhaps it was seduction for my lady death has said
That this hypnosis from my hand could stir a demon from it's bed

But I digress, there she stood... In this town so very bleak,
Where not a soul should dare to speak
Within the sanctum of my keep, Where darkness lingers here unsaid,
Where traces of my heart are scattered everywhere I've bled

Just a girl, quite dead...

Further in this girl I led
To where the only room with light had kept a single piece of bread
She fed,
I marveled at the sight for she was ground I've yet to tread
And curiosity had strung me up and had me by a thread
And so I studied her
From my lone and sunken heart hadĀ 
Sadness packed it's stock and fledĀ 
For something ever so peculiar had taken root instead

And for months she would stay by my side,
As we studied one anotherĀ 
Taking everything in strideĀ 

Me...wishing for deathĀ 
Her...just...glad to be aliveĀ 

This...desire of mineĀ 
To meet a timely endĀ 
Would end in such a bitter wayĀ 
I'd never comprehendĀ 

You see, suspended in the air withinĀ 
The chamber closest mineĀ 
Within a box I kept my heartĀ 
And everything I left behindĀ 

And she...simply wishing peace for me
Upon the taking of this boxĀ 
Had fled my home to set me free

And ever since she dropped it atĀ the bottom of the sea
My heart thoughĀ drowning keeps me livingĀ 
And I've never felt more freeĀ 

Author's note: Dear friends and poets of the funnel please don't judge this one too harshly this one was me spreading my creative wings so to speak after having them closed for so long. Just warming up here and yes it is freestyle.Ā Thank you for reading!

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Icarus Flocke

no judgments here Onlooker.
i think it's a masterpiece in image


Curious Onlooker

A huge compliment for me and a great thank you, for you. I appreciate that feedback!Ā 

Matthew Nelson ...

I love the poem its kind of like reading Poeā€™s poems that are dark and gloomy keep it up and who cares if people donā€™t like it the more that people were negative about my poems gave me the passion to write more.Ā 

Most of my poems are about death and loss and love but that is because of things I been threw in my life I would like to read more of your poem five stars sister poet

Curious Onlooker

Honestly I felt like you hit the nail on the head. Though I never met him of course I feel like Poe is a mentor of mine poetry-wise haha. I've really been inspired by him and hope to keep that dark mysterious spirit alive. Glad to see you picked up on that but there will certainly be more to come. Thanks for reading!Ā 

Cherie Leigh

Hey Curious!Ā  Ā You are master at the elusive dark writes of death and mysterious natures of love....I cannot believe you did this freestyle and kept the integrity of this being a narrative poem...You are a gifted writer that inspires me so much.Ā  Awesome.Ā  xo ;)

Curious Onlooker

Hello dear Cherie it's always a pleasure to see your lovely compliments grace my work haha I'm so glad to hear I've mastered the dark and mysterious. It feels good to know you do something very well. I take the compliment to heart ā¤šŸŒ¹ thanks a million and I hope all is well! I look forward to catching up with your works!


Beautiful my friend as always keep up the good work no complaints here šŸŒ¹šŸŒ¹šŸŒ¹

Flower Girl

Wowzers CO.......Iā€™m luvin this.......you have such a creative spirit.......outstanding ink my friend.......purple luv & hugs xo :)