Poem -

My dear dappled horse friend

My dear dappled horse friend

I need you
I want you
but sadly can't afford you
I ride you
I care for you
but can't take you home with me
I see you
I pet you
but can not have you
I hug you
I feed you
but you still don't trust me
you are my sunshine
the light in my day
please don't jump the fence and run away
I don't know what I'll do without you
please come back to me my dear dappled horse friend

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Very beatifull poem.. I thunk i want him to.. But i cant have him.. If he jumps ill help find him.. ☺😃☺😃🎵🎶📡🔉🔈🔊🙏 thank you for sharing it.. I kmow a friend a great poet here and shares your love for horses. He will be delighted to read this.

Safia Rose

Thank You I'm not even a poet and I don't love poetry I just had an english asignment and my teacher said to write a poem so all day I couldn't come up with anything then I just layed down and closed my eyes and this came up in my head this is the first ever poem I ever wrote and suprisingly my friend said that it was really good and she also asked if this happened to me and I told her no I just love horses so much so I got inspired to write a poem about a dappled horse!


Cool. Cool.. Well we learn and discover new things Evryday.. We're all poets in our own right. Anf i think if you right bout wat u like youll find the poet in you. I suggest you continue writting .. Thanks for the woumderfull peace ."poet'.😊😊😊😊🙏