Poem -


Mowing my lawn on a fine summer's day
Enjoying the fresh air I have to say
I saw something made me shiver and shake
Coiled like a hosepipe was a garden snake

I must remain calm and must remain cool
Must remain normal and don't be a fool
What should I do I started to ponder and think
My mouth was dry I could do with a drinkĀ 

I decided right then the action to takeĀ 
A call to the RSPCA I would have to make
They told me I must stay rooted to the spot
My t shirt becoming sweaty the weather getting hot

Three hours later the RSPCA vehicle came
I tried not to laugh as they gave the snake a name
Sid the snake was captured safely I'm happy to say
Won't forget mowing the lawn on this fine summer's day

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Cherie Leigh

That's funny, because I have a black snake in my yard that me and the kids named Sid since he decided to stay....lolĀ  I enjoyed. xo