Poem -

My feet within the sea.

My feet within the sea.

Has thy heart by other means capsized and way'ed adrift, 

for nothing more against the shore
Has caused thy soul 
a rift

Than thee very moment you released the woven tide, 

capsized in the memories of love
way ... before he died,

Subtle is the cliff-face
Where those waves have been, 

they overhang with envy
For all the days between

Yet I wait in mourning
And watch the tide come in,

And sneak into the crevasses the cracks upon my skin

In time I've come to realise, that dear you follow thee, 

So now I stand upon the land, my feet within
 The sea.

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Cherie Leigh

Hey sis Nardine...What a beautiful yet sad portrayal of a woman's sad emotions as she dips her feet into the sea and the memories flood her soul...Lovely wistful feel to this love poem....Love n Hugs, xo


Thanks sis ❤️