Poem -

My freedom.

What's on my mind isn't so easy to explain, 

Clouded by judgment,
and held back with this pain.

Emotions they capture the bare truest parts, 

That hold onto your conscience, 
As you doubt where to start.

Any pride lacked with joy is getting in the way,

To free up your spirit as your soul rests to lay..

The answers are screaming right outside your door,

The options beside you, 
But you can't take too much more.

Your freedom apparent it too lay to rest,

Opening a new door to the challenge,
You will be put to the test.

New beginnings arising and time will now only tell,

If you can let go of the past and what reminds you so well.

Every day seems off focus our balance in vein,

Those footsteps behind us to remind us again.

Bit on the ass and no one else to blame, 

Left feeling bewildered and gutted with shame.

Ties are must but in this picture frame,

Tells the story of a man defeated, 
Who wears the brunt of the blame.

The past is there to taunt you,

That will never go away,

The distance are filled with miles,
In hope tomorrow be a better day.

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