Poem -

My ‘Land of nod’

My ‘Land of nod’

How many miles is it to ‘Dreamland’ ?
Can some kind traveller please tell me ?
I wish to go pillow in my arm
to roam the passageways you see

I shall take along my imagination
Betwixt the far corners of my mind
Reminiscing each & every fantasy
I am hopeful that I find

When I embark upon this ‘Cloud cuckoo land’
I will hunt for a hidey hole
Then lay my weary body down
Away from every noise & soul

Then surely I shall seek some solace
From many weary nights spent awake
At last I can slumber in ‘Seventh heaven’
deep in the ‘Land of nod’ for pity’s sake

Tinnitus & tick tocking annoyances
Can not bother one in this peaceful shrine
‘Dreamland’ doesn’t welcome disturbances
So the solitude is simply devine

Point me in the right direction
Lead me to ‘Oblivion’s’ door
Then I shall not wander thru my long dark corridors
A wide awake, insomniac no more


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