Poem -

My Life Is Flashing Before My Eyes

Two minutes after eating, my wife opened a jar that contained bees.
They've stung me several times and I'm allergic, it's going to kill me.
My wife has destroyed our phone and hidden the medicine I need.
She and her lover decided to end my life because of their greed.

I'm filthy rich because I own RCA.
My wife's lover lead her astray.
When she and I got married, she wasn't obsessed with wealth.
We were in love and we loved each other more than life itself.

I'm about to die and my life is flashing before my eyes.
My wife and her lover are two people who I despise.
She has forsaken me and I also decided to forsake her.
In just a few moments, we will both be meeting our maker.

I foresaw this coming and I decided to take her out first by serving crab.
I told her it was chicken, she's allergic and and we'll both be put on slabs.
I hid her medicine as well and she just collapsed because of the shellfish she ate.
It's the end but I will be taking her with me and that makes me feel absolutely great.

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