Poem -

My pain, "The truth of the matter

As a child it appeared to be all going well
As far as I could tell
Food on the table, clothes on my back
WOW! I thought and hoped it would always be like that
The holidays came around, and we all get together it was so much fun
With the exception of that crazy one
I grew older and began to see things for what they are
Then the hurt and pain began to start
My innocence began to slip away
Trying to survive from day to day
Deep down inside not knowing which way to turn
Wondering is there a lesson to be learned
Striving to be nice through all the turmoil going on in the inside ,that noone could see
Inspite of what was going on around me
As time marched on , know that Iam all grown
Still so much hatred in the world
Thinking to myself it's got to get better, since Ian no longer a little girl

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