Poem -

My personal portrailure

My personal portrailure

O’er moorlands on my personal portrailure
I shall splendor on my solitary stroll
Awareness of nothing but Mother nature
Lazily loving life without another human soul

What does it matter ?
I do not desire to talk
As my senses are on alert
Listening to the chattering squawk

Bellowing in the freshness of the fragrance amidst the late springtime breeze
Butterflies fluttering, industrious honey bees

Unspoiled, untouched by the hands of man
An everchanging cycle since our timeless world began

High amongst the hilly heathlands
Purple heathers blanketing the wild,free ground
As I pause just for a moment
endless mauve colouration 
An abundance of swooping skylarks abound

Betwixt magenta, lavender, reddish blue hues 
Oh such a sensation of Magna mater 
A perfect portrait for an artists’s muse


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Jill Tait

Ty im just back home luv jottin a ditty on my rambles x❤️

Jill Tait

Awww ty so much such a lovely comment luv xx❤️