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My picture of perfection

My picture of perfection

An old-fashioned kite is such a splendid toy giving great excitement for any girl or boy
They are even better made out of balsa wood coz being as light as a feather makes them fly real good
I watched a little pair of legs running along the sand
I wasnt’t sure if it was a boy or girl with a colourful kite in their hand

I was lying on a lilo on a beautiful sunny day and tho I could see what they were playing with it was a distance away
The tide was well out and they were on the water’s edge as I lay loving my perfect peace upon a sandy ledge

So I watched spellbound as that pretty kite flew up high soaring through the air in the cobalt blue sky
It looked like a multi-coloured big bright bird and as the child held it’s string they never said a word
I was bedazzled and bemused for an hour or maybe’s more as the gentle sea breeze made the kite swoop and soar

My picture of perfection on a mid summer’s day was this delightful kite above the oceanic sea spray
Twisting and turning as it swirled and twirled looping thru loops as many tricks unfurled
If there is one thing that I absolutely love to see it is a child flying a kite running wild and free

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