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My Poetry Chill👍

My Poetry Chill👍

Has writer’s block strucken me?
I can’t seem to think what to jot you see
My brain box is foolishly failing to find
An interesting topic that comes to my mind

So alas I will pen about the way I try
To stimulate a spark as I look up to the sky
Beckoning a brainstorm to brim my soul
An idealistic image to flood this blank hole

Perhaps I should endeavour to wander the wood
Or stroll the silky, sandy shore
I’d fly like an albatross if I only could
Gathering inspiration galore

Alas, I shall be patient, give my poetry a pause
I have well-worn my words threadbare in abundance because
So if you happen to notice less additions from me
I am perfectly fine & alright you see
Do not think I am poorly, unhealthy or ill
I am simply contemplating a poetry chill


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Edward Williams

Bravo Jill .. big fan get it out don’t stop or pout 

Jill Tait

Haha Thank you loads fellow Poet :)


Wonderful write on a topic close to my heart !