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My Puppet On A String ❤️

My Puppet On A String ❤️

I wish I still had my puppet on a string
Pinochio my favourite toy
My memories of a childhood thing
You were such a well behaved boy

I thought you were real
I would take you everywhere
You were made of wood 
With strands of black, string hair

How I adored my little puppet on a string, Pinochio
He was my friend & confidant you know

I told him my secrets
I trusted him not to tell
Pinochio listened to me wholeheartedly
He knew my secrets so well

Oh my little Pinochio why did we have to part
Tho I think of you often
You left your imprint on my heart

Perhaps when I got married & I had children of my own
Did I leave you in my parent’s house
We’re you left all alone?

My brother said he saw you,
you were burning in a fire
But I didn’t want to believe him
I told him he was a liar

Yet maybe’s you got broke 
& If my Mother burned you
Then I’m Oh so sorry
That’s not something I would do :(


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Jill Tait

Haha u inspired me & I remembered my Pinnochio lol :)

Edward Williams

Oh I’m so glad to bring back good memories I’m sorry pinocho is MIA tho that’s sad I’m sure he died fighting for your rights loll

Jill Tait

Teehee poor old Pinnichio tho lol