Poem -

My reflection of time

My reflection of time

I stare in the mirror
Is it me that I see?
A face I hardly recognise
Is looking at me

Theres wrinkles appeared
Lines where it used to be smooth
Alas this reflection
Can not hide the truth

Fixating on the face
I glare through it & look
It holds a mutitude of stories
A best seller book

Decades of emotions
Constantly changing throughout
No wonder theres creases
They are memories no doubt

Expressions of amazement
Reactions of fright
Stretching the elasticity
Making this face skin tight

No matter what moisteriser
Corrective creams on the shelf
Can disguise lifeā€™s long journey
Yes this mirror image is myself


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Jill Tait

Thank you & so glad u enjoyed thisunā€™Ā