Poem -


From Norwich to Manchester my sister went 
To see her favourite singer was her intent 
Who is the singer I hear you question and ask
A talented man who wrote the man in the iron mask

My sister has followed this singer for many years 
From between the wars and Levi Stubbs Tears
The name of the singer I will now let out of the bag
I am of course referring to the legendary Billy Bragg

So dearest sister I hope you enjoyed meeting the main man
I know for certain he would enjoy talking to his greatest fan
Let it be known dear friend from Glasgow to Piccadilly
Music today is crying out for more singers like Billy 


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Cherie Leigh

HI Kieran..There is nothing like meeting a musician/singer that inspires...and to hear them play live...that moment is so magical. I hope your sister had her fill of Billy Bragg to keep forever.  xo ;)