Poem -

My Soulmate Across the Stars

There once was a time when I wished on a falling star
It seemed not to long after you came into my life
From that time on you started giving me reasons to believe
Now because of you i believe in love and true happiness
I finally see that you are my one true love 
Sometimes i feel overwhelmed with all the moments we share
Moments of walking hand in hand not only in light but also darkness
Our moments in life
Meeting you was not accidental but for a purpose
A purpose to tell a special hidden story
A story written in the stars
You see that night the stars aligned for you and i 
Our souls traveled light years to become one
So no matter how near or far you are my heart senses every beat of yours
So i put my hand in yours and look deeply in your eyes only then our star truly shines and our souls unite as one
We were destined to live eternal life together for you are My Star, My love, My life and forever My soul mate in the stars

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this is beautiful but that not look like poetry is more nice job .....

silvylove ^_^

Terry Kay

Krissy, .Just beautiful!  I wish I was you! 😊 Congrats and good luck.  Terry Kay