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My Vision

My Vision

The year Ninety niney eight

I was born straight into a fight

Surrounded by darkness I barely seen the light

To live truly takes all my might

Im just tryna make it out the ghetto

Snakes everywhere so I carry my steillto

Always looked around and seen poverty

But I'm gonna chase my curiosity

I've had my chances to do robbery

But Id rather put my chances on the lottery

I stay humble and kind

Focused thoughts on my mind

Every day I get up to grind

No matter how many times I get declined

I'll hustle cause one day I'll get signed

But my pain my past is always on rewind

But I gots to make it

I got to climb out this pit

Dedication is what I got to commit

Embrace every single bit

Cause I'm holding onto a dream

And my next moves are gonna be quiet extreme

I gotta do what I gotta to get by

I get up every day and try

I can't sit around and cry

I wasn't raised to quit

I'm the only one who can do it

So Ill make my visions a reality 

So I can cash in that money 

To help out my family. 

Copyright © Chantal Haigh xo


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Marion Price

Such inspiring words....the words of a strong and focused person determined to overcome, enjoyed 🌻🌷


Thanking you so much for your support! 

Richard Waters

" CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN " or, " cross " each stream ? Perhaps, you should " circum-navigate " the " troughs " ( valley "culture " ), to bring yourself into line with today's requirements. YOU MUST BE BOLD. But, not concede ground to wanton intentions to distract you from your " mission statement " !!! What, I mean, is you must be " true to yourself " despite losses in the "field " !!!
The collapse of integrity can only lead to problems. You have to " listen " to " music " denoting diversionary tactics, removing you from what is dominant, in your " lifestyle " CHOICE. The " ways " of the " romantic ", in WAR AND PEACE, leads one to a conclusion. What, hits the fan, comes from " assumption " and " FRAILTY " born of inadequate preparation or " supplies " !!! BE PREPARED, my friend. For, to assume any thing can result in catastrophic misadventure, based on weaker dynamics.
Clearly, a problem, to be cleansed by attitudes specific to the situation, in hand.
" LEAVE, NOTHING AT THE DOOR. " Let, experience be your guide, across unwelcoming terrain....causing trepidation, at times.
LEARN. Where, you are strongest....matters. Do you not think ?
Your value, and there is plenty to offer, stems from your willing resolve to become involved. That, pleases all in the " creative " package, by design, or choice. :) :)
A write, saying much about you. Thanks, for that. LIVE, IN THE MOMENT. BUT, ADAPT TO SEE MORE. Life, is too short. IT, deserves " respect ", you know !!! :) :)