Poem -

My wise old owl🦉

My wise old owl🦉

A beautiful majestic barn owl
Silently glides from barn to tree
I stare at this ghostly figure
As its eyes are fixed on me

I dare not move whilst standing still
As I’m willing it not to fly
It turns its neck & raises its wings 
Then yells out a shrill cry

Oh pretty Mr Barn owl you need not be scared of me
Just to meet you on my nightly stroll
Means the world to me

I’ll not tell anyone I saw you
I will not tell a soul
This wise old owl must read my
As it swoops down to grab a vole

Wow, I cant believe what I’ve just seen
How lucky I must be
To witness this before my eyes
It fills my heart with glee

I swear before he flew away
He looked me in the face
I heard him say ‘Good evening’ 
Then he lifted off with grace

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Cherie Leigh

What a cool visitor!  You are lucky to witness such a neat encounter with an owl.  I think animals have so much personality and we can learn from them how to adapt to this world.  I really enjoyed seeing this owl swoop down to grab a vole....They have excellent eyesight.  I wish I did...lol  Great write. xo 

Jill Tait

We have a farm lots of grasslands luv & owls are born by us in my garden each year they r my fav of all creatures xxxThank you my Cherie 💕💕💕❤️