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My wonderous Gazelle

My wonderous Gazelle

I have said who is this that looks as fair as the moon, delicate as a border of pearls, and terrible as the clapping of waves?

O my darling have i compared you, your beauty, to a companion of Pheasants in Butcharts' Garden:

Your two eyes are like two young gazelles skipping upon the hills.
Your smile is comely in its radiance, and its splendor like water springing up unto life everlasting.
Your cheeks are like rows of rose pedals, even adorned with sapphire.
And your name as the putting on of ointment.

O my love, my dove, my untainted one:
You make even the strongest Knights cower.
Cease striving all you earthlings, all you nations dwindle! Put your swords back in its place! Drop the bow and snap the spear asunder! Quench the flaming horses in the Chariots! Be still and behold, lo, here comes my wonderous gazelle! Behold, she comes springing, skipping upon the hearts of male. 

She is as majestic as the sun, always shining in its strength!
Traveling to and fro like an albatross, rarely seen.
A little reverie here, a tossing of the pillow there.
She is the only one of her Mother, all the nearby cities come out to pay her tribute.

Miley is her name! 
I am overwhelmed and cannot come forth.
Hurry! The bloom of your youth is fleeting.
Come, abode in me. Nest in me!
(Lest you cast me forth as a withered branch)
when my love was kindled but a little: how blessed would i be to have you.

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A superb ink full of imagery and literary flair. Faux