Poem -



There’s a stubborn streak in you as long as a mile,
A nature unspoiled, fresh with angelic smile,
A curiosity unwavering, questions by the million,
The having to know the why’s and where’s per billion.

You have a  boisterous flare and inability to sit still,
Your excitable ignitable persona sets to thrill,
To domineer and yet captivate all whom watch you play,
I’m thankful for you who made me the father I am today.

I am proud to be your daddy, your best friend, your guide,
You will never know the lengths I would go to or the love I have inside.
You are my mirror image, the best parts of me,
Together with your mummy, you help us both to see,
What life is really all about, the reason for us to breathe,
You and your sister are examples of why in angels we do believe.


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Gerard McGowan

This is exactly the kind of poetry I would love to write, I have a daughter, she's 7 and you have just described here to a T. 

This is an amazing tribute to the love you have Simon, you should definitely print it in gold and keep it forever so your daughter will always remember her father's love.