Poem -

Need a Friend

A ragged dog sat down on its own without any place to call home. 

It's coat all covered in soot.
It's lonley face cries a million words to me.

I see it's eyes all gloomy and sad  
It's fur all tatterd and ruined.

He gaze at me on that day as if to say, "I need a friend."
He looked so sad.
He looked so hungry as he walked up to me.

He lowerd his head towards me and whimperd at me.
I heard his whisper.
A whisper "I need help."

I took him home and took good care of him as I could see he was made of bones. 

He was so small
He was so fragile.
I gave him a wash and he looked better.

A day of happiness.
A day of joy, comfort and love that little dog had. 
His wish come true.
He had a friend.
He had some love.

He became weaker now as he looked and smiled at me. A tear which escaped our eyes.
Not a name had he, my 'friend'.

On the last day of his life...

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Hello LeeMarie27...

Welcome to Cosmo!

This very sad but, you have him a touch of love and hope and in you he had a friend...

I'm very sorry for your loss...