Poem -

Needing an escape.

Looking back behind me,
It's really hard to tell,

The signs were there as warnings, 
But lead me straight to hell.

Offering very little assistance, 
Just such pity along the way,

The door is there to open,
It's time to have your say.

Emotionally i have abused you,
I've neglected every part,

The spills are pouring quickly,
Through the abyss inside my heart.

Cheins around my ankles, 
The scars are there to see,

The hostage i hold onto,
Is taking over me.

I cry until my head hurts,
Mad enough too kill,

If i cried into an ocean,
I'm sure that it would spill. 

Many of us live our lives with very few regrets, 

Nor do we have the answers, 
Or are we even close to being there yet.

This cage is built around me,
All I hear is a mighty roar,

The deafening sound is a reminder,
To the pieces all over the floor.

The days they feel so empty,
All the nights I'm so alone,

But weighing down on my shoulders, 
Is a life I'm yet to be shown.

Behind that frown turned upside down,
Is a soul trapped in its glory,

Searching to find, the answers in time,
As this is not yet the end of his story

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