Poem -

Never a Choice

Never a Choice

Given choice to live my life
would I still  do the same?
To be with you and share your world,
your laughter,joy and pain?
To recognise we made mistakes
yet still to journey on,
and know how much hard work it takes
to truly love someone.
Sometimes the road was dimly lit
with hazards to contend.
You wish for roads just straight and true
but ours would always bend
We never saw around each turn
those  pitfalls all about, 
but as  years passed we’d start to learn
to figure these things  out.
Our enemies along the way
would try to change our heart
with words so cruelly spoken
lesser  loves might tear apart
Yet through it all we lived and laughed
and  built out own empire,
not for a second did I want
to dampen our loves fire.
So given choice to start anew
and find an easier way..
I’ll always thank God  I have you
And choose this life every day!

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My choice too hun ! Love this x

Lyndy Bo-Lyn

Beautiful poem! We all can resonate with this. Lyn X


Thank you so much Lyndy! So pleased you could relate to this..sometimes we just keep wishing for  anything else without stopping to be so thankfull for what we already have.Have a great Christmas xx