Poem -

Never again!

Never again!

My tears that fall
Shows my broken heart
I try not to cry
I try to heal my scars
But, my god it's so hard!
Walking away had to be the answer
Now, again I learn to crawl
Step by step
Never again will I break
Never again!
Stitch by stitch
Battered stories on my face
My trust and honesty you stole
Now a shadow from a broken home
But it's you who lives alone
It's you who's alone
I'm not sorry, that every thought eats you up,
I'm not sorry, that with you I just had enough
Ironing my clothes while you were talking to me drunk
I knew this was the end, tears fell and my heart sunk
I'm over this now, but I still keep the feeling, so I can help people be strong and not to give up! 

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Wayne Stubbs

Thank you, if you like this, you may like my poem called "I survived" thanks for your comment! 👏👏😊