Poem -

Never Ending Pain

She sits in a quiet room,
She's in a dark place, like a eerie tomb.
Her stomach in twisted knots,
Like she feels her body as it rots.

Feeling like a mummified mummy,
As she hold onto her aching tummy.
Bad thoughts run through her head,
At times she wishes she was dead.

Closing her eyes and pushing through pain,
Her life she has going down the drain.
A tear rolls down her cheek,
Everyday she can feel herself getting weak.

Being tired and always sore,
Begging and wishing life would give her more.
Anxiety lingering around like a lost soul,
Attacks and flares is all is pourn into her life bowl.

Crying makes it much worse,
Wishing someone would break her curse.
Depression rolls in and pushes her down,
No smiles to be seen, only just a frown.

Feeling like she's stuck in a hole digging deeper down,
No one can here her screaming inside, not even a sound.
Hoping for a miracle that someone holds the key,
She Pleads is there anyone out there that can help me.

She would give one day with no pain, nausea or anxiety,
But she just sits there all the time in dubiety,
Try and try again and again,
Saying herself you can do it, yes you can.

But then it hits her again and harder than before,
She buckles with pain and nausea and crawl across the floor.
It's hard to bare as she reaches on the bed,
She tries to get comfy as she lays her head.

Sweating and curling up in a ball,
Scratching her finger nails on the wall,
The anxiety rises and it gets all too real,
Was it the night before or this morning's meal.

Can't believe she goes through this every single day,
Who does she has has to sell her soul too, who does she has to pay.
She finally gets to sleep and at the moment forgets her pain,
It's like someone toying with her and it's all just a game.

She believes that there might be a cure,
Shes sick and tired of being at war.
Fighting her own body to live her life,
And maybe one day becoming someone's wife.

She knows she is not alone in this fact,
That other people suffer with there digestive tract.
She's still looking for help wherever she goes,
But all she can do is go with the flow.

But everyday she tries to be positive and happy,
She tries really hard to not seem so unhappy.
Looking at everyone with a big smile on her face,
But deep down she knows that is never the case.