Poem -

Never learn (Dumb Ass)

I can see
But I'm blinding myself from reality
The things I hear fall on my deaf ears
I feel my pain, I feel myself
Selfishly deluded
Destined into lonely years
Excluded, placed upon a shelf
Left to rot from all the constant negativity that is exuding from me
Mentally exhausted from the battles that I caused
And lost
Pretending to the world
And to myself
I've lost all my intelligence
Infected and absorbed by only bitterness
Quick to point the finger and to pass the blame
Trying to be clever
Acquiring evidence in any format that can be misused
Never backing down or even thinking of my legacy
Every word I say can help to dig my grave, potentially
A clue to my behaviour is the fact that my own parents are especially concerned
They know that I won't listen
And I'll watch my world be overturned.

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Tony Taylor

Dude!!..... this totally sucks!!..... and I'm not talking about the poem itself...i'm referring to its content.... and I'm praying that this is NOT a truism..... because if it is then this SUCKS!!.....I am so sorry to hear that this is going on in your life dear poet brother..... keep writing.... I've been down this road before.... and although writing was not a Cure-All for me... it sure as hell helped me!!...... keep layin' it out there bro!!......tons-O-stars!.......LOVE and ROCKETS!!!........ great stuff!!.....T xo 👍👍✴👏👏✴✴😊

John Coggins

Thank you so much my friend! And it does... and it is. A bit of wishful thinking on my part, my muse would never contemplate such thoughts! Lol! Appreciate your understanding brother, and I thank you ☺