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Never looking back

Never looking back

Rita is a night time stripper working in the sleazy club after she serves her shift behind the bar in her local pub
The Brewer’s arms, such a shabby, shoddy squalid den of iniquity, but it helps to pay her weekly bills which keeps a little dignity

You see she had been penniless so many times before, the last thing that she needed was the landlord knocking on her door
So she grudgingly agreed to do a striptease stint just two doors down from there, her boss said she could use the toilets to change her clothes & do her hair

Well let’s face it ‘change her clothes’, she wasn’t wearing many & by the night was over Rita Matthews wasn’t wearing any
Not a stitch was left on her slim body as she gyrated on the stage, as her filthy minded local wive’s husbands scrutinized her in the cage

The cage went up to the ceiling made with a solid steel frame, it’s opening had a concealed door tho it was essential all the same
Rita always locked the door behind her hiding the key somewhere discreet, mind you her nakedness wasn’t easy so she hid it under her feet

Rita always kept her slinky high heels on wearing nothing but a suggestive grin, she knew too well what men were wanting, tho she would never let them in
Her heart some say was likened to her cage made of solid steel, yet no one truly knew her well,she found it impossible to feel
Years ago her heart was broken, her one true love was stabbed in a grotesque knife attack, so nowadays she just plods along taking each day as it comes, never looking back

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