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No Greater Love

No Greater Love

I forgot? No I haven't
my mother love I remember
moaning in pain with kidney stones
mum says: 'My child if only I can
just take your pain I will,
what greater love is there?'
love from friends and family
I cherish all this love
then comes the man in my life
his love, he feels my pain sorrow and joy
I put them all in a bag and carry
no weight at all as I go
my maker takes it all
he paves the way with kind words
flowers and butterflies.

Anne Gomez Reeves
(I am Terry's wife and the author of this poem)

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Katina Woodruff...

Awe...you paint a loving image of your mother. I could see you there, with her with the pain but knowing you were never alone in your battles. Let the memories of the past -- keep you in good spirits until the future. I miss my mom today also. She passed in May of this year. There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't think about all the many things she did for me, and with me over the years. 

You wrote an incredible poem. 


Terry Reeves

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