Poem -

No Longer

No Longer

The stockings are hanging up
and the gifts are going under the tree
The star on top shines brightly,
as she wraps gifts for only three
Her daughter isn't here, you see
as she already grew her wings
Even though home still looks like christmas
Gone is what Christmas brings
No longer will she hear her laughter
or see the beauty in her eyes
Even though she can't see or hear her
she knows that she is there
She feels her in her heart
With every breath of air
So she wraps her gifts up for her
And places them neatly with the rest
She makes the day go smoothly
And she tries her very best
She knows deep down inside
Its not fair on the ones that remain
She makes it through the day
But it will never be the same

(C) Julie Murphy 2018

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Hello Julie...

Very beautiful and very sad write!

If my loved ones who have died wants to join they are more than welcomed if they don't have other plans...

Thank you for sharing...