Poem -


As a little girl growing up
she imagined the picket white fence
she never thought her life would be
Full of so much pretence
She dreamed she'd be a pop star
with the fortune and the fame
Shes filled out the arena
in her make believe game 
She grew up too quickly
Life flashed before her eyes
what happened to that little girl,
who once reached for the skies?
She married and had a family
All of her very own
Then while bathing, she found a lump
in her breast the size of a stone
Not wanting anyone to worry
she keeps it to herself
Untill she had no choice one day
when people notice her deteriorating health
She sees a doctor, who sits her down
and says"I wont string you along"
"please contact your loved ones 
because my dear, you dont have long"
If only she got checked sooner
she could have had a bit more time
She remembers that little girl
And how she longed to shine
She now twinkles in the sky
When day turns into night
She became what she always dreamed of
shes shining big and bold and bright


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Marion Price

A sad and real write Julie..who knows what's in front of us... 🌹🌹