Poem -

No question at all I'm hooked and just need reeling in

 From the very first messages you’ve had me hooked, All of them already, would make for one hell of a book. I can’t believe my luck in finding you now, I keep pinching myself, Cos you’re beautiful in every which way, Inside and out. Don’t ever doubt anything that I say, I speak from the heart, It’s better that way. I haven’t missed as i feel I’ve already scored, You’re no rebound off of a basketball board. I sometimes think I over think myself you know, But if you don’t take that leap of faith, How would you ever know. I’d never hurt you in any sense, In any way, That’s just not me or the way I play. I’d cherish every nano second that we’d spend together, Come rain or shine, No matter the weather. Already you’ve given me a boost to push on, To make myself better, For everyone sake, But your light sparked that ignition. Just like the one I want to implant into your heart, An injection of laughs, Smiles and happiness, Right from the very start. Writing like this, is all my true hearts instinctive feelings, and how I want to capture your heart and fill it, In every sense, In every way With all of my meaning. Not only that but I’m truthful in everything that I say. All that I’m trying to really say is, Please don’t think of the past, Just the present and future, I’m a genuine guy, So I’d love it for both of us, To have something we can blossom into, Something to nurture xx 

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