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Have you any Room for Jesus Christ


Have you any room for Jesus Christ?
In the cold Bethlehem night
He came to our world of chaos
In a lonely cold stable;
only the Wise men and the shepherd
Paid Him homage.
Pondering and wondering,
what sort of Baby He was?
Have you any room for Jesus Christ?
Amidst the chaotic preparation
For a Merry Christmas,
surrounded by family and friends;
with lots to eat and drink,
in your cosy warm house.
Do you ponder and wonder?
About the homeless in the cold,
without anywhere to call their home.

Have you any room for Jesus Christ?
Amidst the bustling activities of the season
At liberty to praise and worship
the Christ of Christmas.
Have you pondered and wonder?
About people in many countries
Not at liberty to carol and praise
The Lord they love.

Make a room for Christ of Christmas;
Cast aside the care of this world.
When your life on earth is through,
Not a room He has for you,
But a mansion in heaven above.
When you finally get there,
You will ponder and wonder
What a glorious mansion it is.

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