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No Sleep Till...

No Sleep Till...

No sleep till...
This is what one looks like a few days without slumber. I remember way back when I couldn't be woken up, not even by thunder. What must it feel like to get some R&R I wonder? All I can do is lay here in darkness and ponder. I tried counting sheep to astronomical numbers. It wasn't any help when I tried asking about restless nights to Google and Siri. Nothing works, I guess they were right in saying there's no rest for the weary. Maybe it's not me and I'm just worried about somebody else clearly. When you care about someone else, what hurts them hurts you, at least that's my theory. Maybe it's someone I know suffering from an invisible disease? I wish I knew, send me a sign please. Then I could see how I can help so everyone can rest with some ease. Believe me, if I knew the answer I'd be eager to appease. I wish I had the strength of a purple Carnation growing through concrete being kissed by honey bees...

By: Jonathan E. Gonzalez
Friday, May 3rd 2019

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Tony Taylor

I'm with you brother.....I have serious sleep issues caused by my illness which (for the most part) is under control these days.  But, my pain keeps me from sleeping more than 2-3 hours at a time.....last night (for example)I fell asleep around 2am and woke up at 3:55 am which gave me about 2 hours of quality sleep........by quality I mean...I got to dream......If I don't dream then I don't feel well ALL DAY!!...something about dreaming that gives you more of a restorative sleep....anyway, I'm not sure why I'm sharing this  with you.....just wanted to tell you "You're not alone" !!......and I liked your write on this subject matter....It's important stuff brother.......keep up the good work my friend...it's truly a "GOOD CAUSE!!" .......ALL STARS!!.....thanx for sharing this with us ALL!!.....PEACE!!........T xo 🐧✴❤
PS. may you find that PURPLE carnation growing through the concrete.....Smiles.......T xo 🐧✴❤