Poem -

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Near death experience, 
Just let experience 
Wash over, watched over 
By some angels, 
Never did that angel shit, 
Wage all I can fit 
In a case, I'm an nutcase, 
Never understand what I'm at, 
Never understood what you had, 
Until I'm gone, you feel empty, 
Start to long for that moment, 
We were laughing,
Having the best time, 
Know now, I make you shine.
I make this mine,
Every word, every dime, 
Every trophy, every crime,
Never seen time, 
Lost track and now it's fine.
Know life is great, 
There's no debate, fuck,
I've been made, 
Never gonna fade,
Hearts I shade,
Minds I degrade,
No worries, You and your hurries,
Slow down, Show that frown,
What are you a clown, 
But I clown every
Motherfucker around 
Damn where am I bound, 
I thought it was hell,
But this ain't the Devil's bell.
I've used that before,
But this ain't no encore,
It's a revelation,
My demons, I face 'em. 
Through the night I stride,
Chase 'em lace 'em, 
Pacin' up and down the stairs, 
I realized, in the end nobody cares, 
Cause you're dead,
Left that head behind, 
A mask you wear and grind 
Your whole life
To strife for a great personality, 
You're fragged, worsened mentality, 
Every second you'll trip,
While I trip from this weed,
Fuck they put LSD inside,
Let's see, what might
Cause fright to these kids, 
Some bits of human flesh, 
Eat it, but don't forget,
Beat it, cook it up, use the mesh, 
Shake it, bake it. Cannibal Ed, 
I'll have a cannibal fed
Like never before, 
Forever I'll bring you more
Facts about life. 
You have a wife?
Dump that shit, 
Like a gun in the river, 
I'm a thought giver, a philosopher. 
Bitch I don't need to rhyme, 
I design my own way,
closer to the end, 
I won't sway from my path, 
The future I had in my palm,
Threw it away. 
Pussies, say what you wanna say, 
I don't care, never have, so beware, 
Cause I got serious,
Cursing more often, 
It's vigorous, letting out that anger, 
Now, let me bang her,
The girl at the bar, 
She seems so weary,
Came from afar, 
Hitchhiking, doesn't own a car, 
The motel's around the corner, 
I'll horn her there,
She couldn't prepare, 
My covert hypnosis took a hold, 
A second and she was sold, 
Then I left her, standing in the cold.

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