Poem -

Noah’s Arc

Noah’s Arc

The animals went in two by two 
Noah poked’em & prodded ‘em & tried to shoo but not a single creature would go into the arc, there was monkeys, giraffe’s, & aardvarks

Sows were snorting, dogs were barking, horses were galloping yet buffalo was walking
Chaos & pandemoniom was all around coz this beastly performance was on the ground

The sound was a trembling, deafening din but the arc was still empty with nothing in
Noah stood at the entrance his arms up in the air, but he shouted & scattered everything there

Then all of a sudden & from out of the blue an angel flew down, got him out of his stew
She hovered overhead & waved her white wings, it was one of those most magical things

Each & every beast that was there knelt down in a line & bowed with a prayer
The hippopotamus led the way into the fine arc & the last to go in it just before dark
Was the lions, tigers, zebras & the bull... well by now that gigantic arc was full

Then torrential rain came soaking everything far & wide but by then all the animals were well tucked up inside

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