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Nobel House

Nobel House

The great Marie Curie's mantlepiece sloped
'neath the weight of a real sight for sore isotopes
Nobel physics and chemistry prizes, one shared
with physicist-magnetist husband Pierre
But they were too busy to pick up that gong
in theory this pair had a lot going on.
Their first daughter Irene was enNobeled too,
what else would you do with a Curie IQ?
She shared the proclivity
for radioactivity,
at the same time adopting that cute family trick;
sharing her prize with dear hubby Frederic.
But her sister Eve, well she turned the page
no Nobels despite reaching an advanced age.
Must be tough when you get to a hundred and two
with narry an element named after you
(but no radiation plus slightly more levity
does seem to equate to a longer longevity)
Eve's husband Henry saved family pride
accepting, for UNICEF, Nobel's peace prize.
We must believe that we're gifted, Marie Curie once said,
not much faith required in that Nobel homestead,
but there was a third child, all brilliance and violence,
for she was the Mother of Nuclear Science.

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Tony Taylor

Wow!!...a family full of genius.....I wasn't aware of the rest of their accomplishment...., so thanks for sharing this brother poet....,a fine piece of poetic prose...... informative and compelling...,,ALL STARS!!..... well done VINCENT!!.....LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo ūüėČ‚ėÄ‚úī‚ú≥

Jason Brown

Funny, well written and remarkably informative!

J ;)