Poem -

Not a dream

Not a dream

The truth is" 
it never came" 
But The Mornings opened 
well the nights closed.
Everything had peddles
And I in between
But not a single Rose.
Everything had turn into thorns.

Then the day became ocean 
The sun had a choice,
 it could stay all day 
if it wanted 
and yet nothing would bloom. 
And not once was anything far away
And still Not even an image of a rose. 

I was in middle and everything riddled 
fading like noon things began. 
Time running forward 
And nothing will never come soon. 
So my journey for me found no room. 
I watched Everything still as I moved
but no rose.! To keep me close
So I folded and finally let go. 

And everything that you can fit in a second
Now also fit it in a thought. 
before anything was taken 
Nothing was mine. 
It Was enough memories for time.
I wonder we're the present became future 
Because I'm gone but why a my rooming.

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Tony Taylor

This is great work P.D.!!.....I loved some the images flying by here.....the 'rose' floating throughout the opening stanzas was VERY compelling!!......you have found a style here that REALLY works for you!!......ALL STARS!!....wow!.....Keep up the great work my friend.....I VERY much enjoyed this!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧❤


Hi and thank you Mr taylor.
I truly appreciate your words I wish I could be more involved and first God I will soon....  God bless you poet brother. 

Barry Childs

Wow, PD. You are such a clever poet. This is gorgeous.  Barry x


Hello poet Barry..  truly means allot..
And thanks for your words they feel so warm brother:)..   God bless you guys always.