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Nothing like a Beer

Nothing like a Beer

Today i fixed my car 
The job has been hectic so far
I wanna go enjoy myself at the bar 
I joined the guys and they all loosened their ties
We ordered bottles of beer , we call it the golden tear 

The guys all took a sip and said , ''there is nothing like a beer ''
We all will drink plenty without fear
Then there came a guy with a dress 
He look kinda queer
He showed some flesh 
He had hair on his chest , flaunting his best 

He said  ''Hay you sexy men , my name is Ben ''
a song came up and he yelled ''shut-up!
this my song! come dance along !''
We said no, we wanna go 
but of course we said we would drink with no fear 
and there nothing like a beer 
20 beers can handle many queeres 
Just another excuse to drink more
We later sang a jolly song  called -pour pour pour! 
till I became poor 
Drinking will make you poor for sure 

I am so drunk that i forgot to close my trunk 
I drove with no fear, i forgot how to steer 
but still i sang , there is nothing like beer
I rolled the car, but still i sang that there is nothing like beer 
All that has happened , made a golden tear 

Don't be irresponsible , your death may be possible 
You can lose more than you can gain short lived joy 


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Greg Etsell

great poem now close
eyes imagine a gay guy 
wareing dress and he had 
bald head I still cant beleave 
it great poem