Poem -


A Father, Son, her Husband, his brother
A sweetheart, lover
 An uncle, cousin Nephew best friend
They all had hope, until the end
They were told to go
There was no such word as no
Falling leaves, and loved ones grieved
Millions were killed, hearts did bleed
That went on for so many years
Blistering pain, and rivers of tears
Troubled minds, kept our country going
Down the coalmines, protectant our homeland when it was snowing
Whilst fires burn
We never learn
Still we can’t live in peace
All those lives lost, but never forgotten
Sadly, war is still, too common
What is left, but a rotten coffin
Empty graves, brave slaves
A day to remember
The 11th of November

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Violet Freese

I feel the pain in every line. I can see to he faces lost the silent dead that no longer have a voice in this world.  Yet their anguish is not lost if we but remember them.
grear write

Fiona Cummings

I wish for the pain from our past, to be our teacher  xx