Poem -



family came to see him,
the old man was happy..
for just five minutes..
She brought cakes for
the staff, forty of..
She stood by the window
trying not to cry..
Putting on a brave face,
But we could see..
more into it..
grand daughter was
visibly distressed..
not knowing what reaction
would be best, such a pretty
face, innocence and old age..
it's a touching meeting
under distress, and I don't know why,
Granddad gently closed the window
and said it's too painful outside. 

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Tony Taylor

I agree with MARION!!…..Haunting indeed ~

                                      ~ "......it's too painful outside!! "

ALL STARS!!…...still swimming around in this one!!…...Thank you for sharing this PAULINE!!……..LOVE & ROCKETS!!……..T xo  : )

pauline codd

Bless you both..I witnessed it, ..I think I'm an empath as I feel in colours and moods..was emotional as we were having a meeting in that room at the time..xx

Being Me

Ohhh...this is soooo sad. The line that really got me was the one Tony mentioned x