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OCD takes over me

OCD takes over me

Obsessive compulsive disorder or simply OCD drives everyone round the bend as it takes over me.. I realise that It lurks within my regular routine, but I cannot shirk it off if you know what I mean

Whilst OCD is a nuisance and a pest, it tries to take over one’s mind and never allows you a rest .. when I lock my door at night I lock it again & again, tho I know I locked it the first time.. Oh what a pain.. mind you, OCD changes habits as one grows older with age.. it’s like reading from a different book, constantly turning a page

God help you if you suffer OCD, coz tho you will try to fight it, this is impossible you see.. it has the strength of a lion, with the will of it’s own.. at times it makes you avoid people, coz it’s more comfortable when your alone..at least you can do exactly what you want, even if you have done it before, like making sure the door was locked, tho that is the third time or more

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