Poem -

Oh still runs the river

Oh still runs the river

Feisty fish swim in the rapid river as it flows on to the sea rising & falling with the nearby water density... cascading rushes of ripples rolling down from the mountain tops... meandering on it’s onward journey... this constant movement never stops...

An effusion of electricity...the deluge floods between the shores...a progression of plethora, such a mighty force outdoors...Oh still runs the river on a calm, quiescent day... tho the undisturbed is shattered from squally storms along the way...

Our waterways with waterfalls an artists sheer delights... painting from their pallettes with colours of blues, greens & whites
A haven of activity beyond any vivid imagination... a beautiful, bountiful Mother nature’s natural creation

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Jill Tait

Thank you Brenda luv so kind 💕💕