Poem -

Oh What A Night

Oh What A Night

Talk about a wild party, we had a great one yesterday;
When Fate smiled down upon us, and sent a fine couple to our way!
Their names are Steve and Yanna, they are really cool as Hell;
We met them at a wine tasting, with oysters on the shell!
We polished off three bottles, and threw fifty oysters down;
We found out we shared close friendships, with some people in our town!
They’re both my boyhood buddies, that I’ve known for sixty years;
Amazing what a small world it is, and how Destiny sometimes steers!
We had a server take this photo, to record our crazy night;
It’s so rare when you meet two strangers, and everything feels so right!
I know that in the future, we will party some again;
I’m saying, “So nice to meet you”, with this poem I have penned!
                          Fine wine and oysters
                   Complimented by new friends
                         La Crème de la Creme

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Larry...I think you are one of those people (Linda too) that people are just drawn to and cannot help but want to hang out...You have a joyful spirit and a fun loving heart....It comes through in your stories....I am happy you made some new friends...It seems that ever since your move back to Ohio..lots of great experiences are coming your way.  I enjoy hearing about your life....Love n Hugs, Cherie xo