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“Oh yes we do” 🎅🌲🤣

“Oh yes we do” 🎅🌲🤣

Each and every year we get on our local bus, me and my little family, there are quite alot of us..bound for the city lights, it’s over an hour away, to have a laugh in the matinee of the Christmas Pantomime play.. “Oh no we don’t.. Oh yes we do” haha we all adore ‘Danny and his Father’ with their inuendoes a trifle blue

This year it is ‘Beauty and the beast’  that will be a blast, we are always absolutely creased at the Panto’s in the past.. the ambience and atmosphere at a pantomime is great, we are all that excited that we can hardly wait..I will wear my Christmas jumper, “Oh no I won’t” well it will be cold in the city so I shall be freezing if I don’t.. then in real pantomime style it shall be “Oh yes I will!! and hopefully with my big furry coat it should keep out the chill

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill..That sounds fun.  I love the play, "Beauty and the  Beast"....never seen a pantomime version...That takes talent.  Have fun! xo ;)